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This initiative is part funded by the Ballinasloe RAPID Programme

Therapeutic Learning Centre

The Therapeutic Learning Centre (formerly Therapeutic Project) is a partnership between Ballinasloe Social Services and Tusla Health Professionals, parents and carers who together recognise that good quality early intervention enhances a child's all round development and improves their chances in life.

Since 1983, a model of care called the Therapeutic Project has been in operation in Ballinasloe. A need was identified to provide a multidisciplinary service to children and families in the community who for social, economic, developmental or emotional reasons were not realising their potential.

The TLC provides a model of service which ensures that developmental concerns can be supported and addressed at an early stage. This allows preventative measures to be taken against later difficulties. This model of care is accessible and acceptable to parents who otherwise may be reluctant to access the health services.

The TLC is provided to children with:

  • Speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Developmental and learning delay
  • Physical disability/movement difficulties
  • Behavioural and emotional problems
  • Social disadvantage

Children are referred to the TLC by any of the following:

  • HSE Early Intervention Team consisting of health professionals e.g. medical, speech and language, occupational therapy, psychology
  • Portiuncula Hospital Paediatricans
  • HSE Children and Adult Mental Health Service team
  • HSE Primary and Continuing Community Care Team
  • Public Health Nurses following up from developmental checks
  • Social Workers
  • Family Support Services

The TLC is accessible to all children/parents in the Ballinasloe area, extending to the Loughrea and Portumna areas (HSE Network 4 area)

Parenting Programmes are provided, with the financial assistance of the Katherine Howard Foundation's Parenting Support Initiative.